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Are you constantly missing appointments with your customers and clients? Is managing your calendar becoming a nightmare? Are you looking for the perfect project management tool? We have got the perfect solution for you.

Whether you are a one-person business trying to manage appointments and schedules with multiple stakeholders, or a small business with multiple employees trying to manage meetings, briefings, presentations and brainstorming sessions, our project management tool beautifully allows you to manage everything through a single dashboard. No mixups. No missed appointments and meetings. Enter tasks, appointments and meetings. Set timers and reminders. Organize over weeks and months in advance.

Project management for small businesses

From the big picture to the minutest details, track and control every aspect of your project, whether you have a single employee or multiple employees.

  • Unlimited projects: Create and manage unlimited projects in our premium version. Keep different projects in states of “active”, “completed” or “archived”.
  • Automate routine work: Trigger automated reminders. Set automatic alerts. Set deadlines automatically based on pre-programmed rules. Generate progress reports automatically. Trigger reminders.
  • Custom workflows: Create your own customized workflows for successful project completion or use one of our power-packed templates to start managing your projects immediately.

The best calendar management features

A digital calendar not only allows you to make time-based entries of the tasks and meetings that you want to accomplish, it also gives you a visual representation of your week ahead. But the calendar apps these days don’t work in silos. This is where our calendar management cloud-based software excels. Within the dashboard you can make calendar entries. You can chart out your entire schedule for the week, for the month or even for the year, and your calendar will sync with all the mainstream calendars you may have been using including Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar. Just enter the API link and all your calendar entries will be synced in real-time. Connect our calendar with our inbuilt task management module or connect any other mainstream task management apps you prefer. Access your calendar in all the devices you use. Create multiple views. Add multiple employees to the whole of the calendar or individual entries.

Project management on steroids

You can manage possibly every task with our project management tool and the inbuilt calendar. Accept appointments from your coaching or teaching sales funnel. Schedule automatic e-commerce outreach campaigns. From garbage collection to fixing up appointments with your corporate clients or patients, our project management system, calendar app and tasks management module brings your entire enterprise project management in a single dashboard.

Create a dedicated sales funnel for campaigns

Planning to hold a workshop? Want to attract students for your coaching services? Want people to be able to book their sessions through the sales funnel themselves? We provide you the complete solution.

  • Lead capture page: Present your strongest idea to convince your visitors.
  • Sales page: Allow your leads to know more about your product or service.
  • Checkout page: Let them pay you for the booking through the marketing funnel itself.
  • Up-sell page: Offer them extra or additional services they might be interested in.
  • Thank you page: Capture all the essential data, accept the payments and save the bookings in your system.
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