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Our no-code interface enables you to create and deploy multi-page sales funnels that guide your visitors step-by-step through the entire sales process.

You don’t need a programmer or a web designer. Right from design to integrating lead capturing mechanisms to connecting different pages logically to following up with your leads so that they turn into your customers and clients, our funnel marketing system gives you everything.

Want to create a high-power digital marketing funnel that captures leads like crazy? Do you wish there was a system that would allow you to create complex inbound marketing funnels as and when you need them? Then you must sign up for our marketing funnel software solution. A complete no-code solution that gives you a drag-and-drop interface with hundreds of prebuilt templates that are ready-to-use.






A one-stop marketing funnel automation system

When you decide to use our system to design, create, implement and manage your marketing funnel we give you an entire spectrum of features so that you get everything from a single source.

  • Funnel templates: Get access to hundreds of funnel templates that are ready to use. Make some small tweaks and these templates are ready to roll.
  • Design tools: Our system gives you all the design tools to make your digital marketing funnels as visually appealing as possible. Images, image retouching, drawing, inserting geometric figures, moving around elements, changing colors and themes, inserting videos… every possible task you need, our system gives it to you.
  • Data capturing: Ours is a full funnel marketing system that doesn’t just help you design and deploy the funnel, it also allows you save data for follow-up actions.

Your online business made easy with our marketing funnel automation

One of the biggest problems faced by a small business owner is capturing leads on the web. With fleeting attention spans you need to design powerful marketing funnels that not only hook prospects to your business idea, but also allows you to engage them constructively to turn them into paying customers and clients. Our entire marketing funnel automation system has been designed keeping the needs of a small business owner in mind. You don’t need to be tech savvy. There is no need to learn programming and web design. All your web pages are already online so you don’t need to upload them somewhere. We have a huge repository of images you can use. You can also upload your own images. Our system allows complete branding. You can run your funnel through your own domain.

In-depth data analytics

Want to know how effective your funnel is going to be without spending hours on creating the perfect funnel? Through your dashboard, you can create charts and views and logical flow charts to dry run your funnel workflow. This helps you highlight if your funnel has bottlenecks and if, instead of drawing people to your business, it is going to send them away. It is like your very own dedicated funnel marketing consultant, but without the extra expense.

Create a dedicated sales funnel for campaigns

Planning to hold a workshop? Want to attract students for your coaching services? Want people to be able to book their sessions through the sales funnel themselves? We provide you the complete solution.

  • Lead capture page: Present your strongest idea to convince your visitors.
  • Sales page: Allow your leads to know more about your product or service.
  • Checkout page: Let them pay you for the booking through the marketing funnel itself.
  • Up-sell page: Offer them extra or additional services they might be interested in.
  • Thank you page: Capture all the essential data, accept the payments and save the bookings in your system.

Build intelligent marketing funnels with our automation system

With our marketing funnels automation system you can build complex logical sequences based on “yes” and “no”. Suppose you would like to send your visitors down to different paths based on whether they are paid customers or free prospects. The more targeted you can make your sales funnel, the higher is your conversion. You can combine data analytics and artificial intelligence algorithms to automatically control the flow of the sales funnel so that every prospect goes to the right sales funnel page for better engagement and higher conversion. The best part is, everything can be built using a drag-and-drop interface, and once you have activated your marketing funnel, it runs on autopilot, 24 x 7.

Take data-backed decisions instead of depending on trial-and-error and losing opportunities in the process.

Automated communication integrated with automated sales funnel marketing

Capturing leads, frankly, is just a small part. The biggest part is communication and keeping your prospects engaged through multiple, successive, buying stages. This is where our system proves to be invaluable. It doesn’t just give you a powerful automation system to manage your marketing funnel, it also gives you all the tools you need to lead your prospects through all the stages by various communication modes such as email, text messaging, instant messaging and AI-powered chat bots

  • Drip marketing: Establish a series of email messages that are sent sequentially or based on user response.
  • Organize communications: Whether you have sent or received email messages, text messages or social media messages, all your messages are accessible from a single dashboard. Tag them for developing better intelligence.
  • Connect with CRM: Let your automated marketing funnel interact with the CRM data for precise conversion and lead capturing.

Never lose your contacts with our automated marketing funnel system

Your contacts are your leads, opportunities, and potential and existing customers and clients. They are the gold that you gather with the help of your sales funnel and various other systems. Our marketing funnel system enables you to stay connected with your CRM, mailing list and email communication threads. You can import thousands of contacts in bulk. You can backup your contacts by exporting them in your favorite file format. You can tag them so that you can retrieve them within seconds. You can run campaigns on selected contacts. You can create funnels based on the source of the contacts. You can filter them based on the previous interactions you have had with your contacts. You can define triggers for automated actions on your contacts. Ours is a powerful content management system bound with your marketing funnel automation system.

Not sure how to leverage our powerful marketing funnel automation system?

Although our drag-and-drop marketing funnel automation system is easy to use, there are many concepts you may like to talk about and for that, we have extensive documentation. Whether you want to know how to set up automatic campaigns or generate comprehensive reports or you want to understand the inherent power of a well-oiled marketing funnel system, we can provide you the complete support. You can fix up an appointment with one of our sales executives or you can go through our online documentation and a series of videos that have been specifically created to help small business owners like you. From support to digital infrastructure to seamless execution, whatever you need to run your business successfully, you can get it through our marketing funnel automation system.

Subscription Pricing

Marketing Funnel

$7.99 /Month

  • Funnels Builder
  • Email Automation
  • Campaign Builder

Marketing Funnel

$75.99 /Yearly

  • Funnels Builder
  • Email Automation
  • Campaign Builder

Marketing Funnel

$75.99 /Year

  • Funnels Builder
  • Email Automation
  • Campaign Builder
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    FAQs about website builder for small business

    What is offered with the pay package of the website builder?

    The website builder for the small business and the funnel builder – unlimited. You can start building your website and a power packed funnel right now.

    Does the system automatically submit websites to search engine listings?

    The website builder does not automatically submit websites to the search engines. The search engines are constantly crawling the web and sooner or later they're going to crawl and index your website and individual pages too. If you want to submit your website manually, you can submit to Google using Google Search Console and to Bing using Bing Webmasters Tools. The sooner you start, the better it is. Buy our Bizin website builder package now.

    I own a domain from another registrar – how do I set it up with Bizin?

    Setting up your unique domain with Bizin is a simple process. Log onto your Bizin account and add your domain as an external domain. Once you add the domain, our system will give you a pair of nameservers. Then you go to the website from where you registered your domain name (GoDaddy, for example) and replace the current nameservers with the nameservers given by our system. The new information will take some time to propagate and when it is done, whenever someone types your domain name in the browser URL bar, the website that you are creating with the Bizin website builder, will load. Setting up your unique domain with us is a breeze. Start creating an awesome website immediately with our website builder package.

    Can build a website without programming knowledge?

    With our website builder, you surely can. We have a friendly drag-and-drop interface that you can use simply by dragging and dropping various elements and choosing the right template from the repository. Not a single line of code is required. It is just like using any other WYSIWYG tool. Building an amazing website was never easier. Build your website within minutes using our website builder.

    Can I build more than one website or funnel page?

    You surely can! You can build as many websites as you want, with as many pages as you need. The same goes with the funnels. You can create as many multi-page funnels as you want.

    Will Bizin make an initial website/funnel page for me?

    If you take the paid one-time setup package with us, we will build three funnel pages and a website with three pages for you. Want to know what we have got in store for you? Get our website builder package now.