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Build a powerful website with our no-code website builder software

Drag-and-drop website builder for small business. No knowledge of HTML, JavaScript or any other server-side programming language required. Completely visual interface. Add, modify, arrange and rearrange website elements with your mouse.

Ours is the cheapest website builder that allows you to quickly assemble a high functional website in a very intuitive manner using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Not a single line of code is required. The entire interface entails visually dragging and arranging different elements. Whatever can be published on a website, you can publish on your website using our website builder software.

Why use our website builder for your small business?

Do you want to design a new website for your small business? Do you feel building a professional website is an expensive undertaking? Do you wish there was a tool that would allow you to build a polished and feature-rich website on your own? Now you have got just the right solution.

  • No-code: Design a complete website with a drag-and-drop interface.
  • Templates: Hundreds of ready-made templates to choose from.
  • All purpose: Capture leads, promote your brand, engage your visitors, accept registrations, boost seasonal sales, and much more.

The cheapest website builder for small business

The cheapest here doesn’t mean inferior quality. It is just that we have optimized our processes and technology to provide you an optimal solution that brings you everything you need to design an exquisite website for your small business. The website builder allows you to deploy

  • The homepage of your website.
  • The individual pages describing products and services.
  • The FAQs section.
  • The contact form.
  • The website header.
  • Sliders and carousals.
  • The top menu, the sidebar, and the footer.
  • Multi-layered navigation with breadcrumbs feature.

A perfect website builder solution for your small business

Our intuitive website builder enables you to design and establish a dynamic website for your small business within minutes. Not a single line of code is required. The grid-based layout enables you to arrange different bits of information – whether visual or text – in multiple columns.

  • Premium look: Get the look and feel of a big business-website with our advanced building tools.
  • No layout limit: Arrange your website elements in multiple columns or single column without breaking the design.
  • Liquid layout: The website that you design with our website builder will look awesome on your desktop, tablet and mobile phone.

Built-in tools to grow your business online

We understand that a website is a complete ecosystem of interaction and engagement tools to capture your audience and generate leads. Our website builder gives you the following tools to enliven your online presence

  • Lead capturing: Pop-up, the sidebar, heading and footer subscription boxes to capture leads.
  • Sliders and carousals: Showcase your best offerings through attractive slideshows and dynamic/column row displays.
  • Order forms: Allow your visitors to buy from you by placing orders right from your web pages.
  • Members-only sections: Offer premium content through membership areas and generate more revenue.

Our website builder is the fastest way to get your small business online

No need to hire expensive website designers and developers. No need to learn coding. No need to brainstorm on designs and layouts. No need to worry about how to handle contact form data. Everything comes ready-made with our visual website builder.

  • Prebuilt elements: Forms; funnels; image and video sections; sliders, headers, footers, and sidebars — everything you need is prebuilt.
  • Ready-made layouts: We have a vast repository of ready-made layouts to choose from. Just pick the design you find the best for your small business, make small changes, and you’re ready to rock.
  • No hosting: You don’t need to manage your own server. Just connect your domain with the website you built using our website builder and that’s all you need.

Complete design freedom

Just because it is a drag-and-drop interface with prebuilt templates and layouts it doesn’t mean design wise you are restricted. You can let your creativity loose. Our no-code tools are flexible enough to enable you to build the website of your dreams.

  • Grid-based layout: Have as many columns as you want on dedicated rows. Solid grid-based layout prevents your website from breaking down no matter how complex your design is.
  • Editable templates: The ready-made templates that come with our small business website builder are completely editable. Change images, change colours and even rearrange elements.
  • Custom workflows: You can completely reshuffle the information flow of your website simply using your cursor.

Looking for the cheapest website builder software for your web design agency?

Are you a small business web design agency looking for ways to bring down your development costs and increase your margins? Then our website builder software is the perfect solution for you. Quickly build high-caliber websites for your clients using our no-code website builder software and then make some changes using your coding skills. Although the entire setup has a drag-and-drop interface, the system also enables you to include custom HTML and JavaScript scripts to augment the features of your website.

Lower your designing and development costs. Spend a minimum amount of time on unnecessary coding. Simply drag-and-drop design elements. Voila! A swanky website will be ready in no time.

Steller features of our website builder software

  • No-code/drag-and-drop interface.
  • Scores of ready-made templates to use either out-of-the-box or with customization.
  • No restrictions on layouts.
  • No limit on the number of pages per website.
  • Static and dynamic websites.
  • Incorporation of lead capturing mechanisms.
  • Advanced features like sliders, counters and third-party add-ons.
  • Contact form validation.
  • All-formats content including text, video and images.
  • Inbuilt SEO features.
  • Author access levels.
  • Automatic updates.
  • Custom domains.

Subscription Pricing

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Page Builder

$30.99 /Year

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    FAQs about website builder for small business

    What is offered with the pay package of the website builder?

    The website builder for the small business and the funnel builder – unlimited. You can start building your website and a power packed funnel right now.

    Does the system automatically submit websites to search engine listings?

    The website builder does not automatically submit websites to the search engines. The search engines are constantly crawling the web and sooner or later they're going to crawl and index your website and individual pages too. If you want to submit your website manually, you can submit to Google using Google Search Console and to Bing using Bing Webmasters Tools. The sooner you start, the better it is. Buy our Bizin website builder package now.

    I own a domain from another registrar – how do I set it up with Bizin?

    Setting up your unique domain with Bizin is a simple process. Log onto your Bizin account and add your domain as an external domain. Once you add the domain, our system will give you a pair of nameservers. Then you go to the website from where you registered your domain name (GoDaddy, for example) and replace the current nameservers with the nameservers given by our system. The new information will take some time to propagate and when it is done, whenever someone types your domain name in the browser URL bar, the website that you are creating with the Bizin website builder, will load. Setting up your unique domain with us is a breeze. Start creating an awesome website immediately with our website builder package.

    Can build a website without programming knowledge?

    With our website builder, you surely can. We have a friendly drag-and-drop interface that you can use simply by dragging and dropping various elements and choosing the right template from the repository. Not a single line of code is required. It is just like using any other WYSIWYG tool. Building an amazing website was never easier. Build your website within minutes using our website builder.

    Can I build more than one website or funnel page?

    You surely can! You can build as many websites as you want, with as many pages as you need. The same goes with the funnels. You can create as many multi-page funnels as you want.

    Will Bizin make an initial website/funnel page for me?

    If you take the paid one-time setup package with us, we will build three funnel pages and a website with three pages for you. Want to know what we have got in store for you? Get our website builder package now.